Lightweight Truck Cap In 2022: Top Picks & Buying Guide

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ECOTRIC Truck Bed Rail Caps W/Holes Black Ribbed Finish for 1999-2006 Silverado & Sierra 1500 2500 (Classic only) with Stake Holes
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Our team of experts has done research and evaluation to cover a large number of customer reviews (nearly 10,469) with high demand and enough money to get the top 12 Lightweight truck cap of 2022. Moreover, these outstanding products come from well-known brands, such as Ecotric, Westin, Dee zee, Husky liners, Starone.

Our Top Picks

  • Patent pending 2-piece hidden seam design
  • Please measure your bed before purchasing this product to confirm you are ordering the correct part.
  • For 2007 model year trucks this part fits new body style only - it does not fit 2007 Classic body style trucks.
  • Real Factory direct pricing without middleman mark-ups. 100% Brand New in Stock.Made of High impact ABS black plastic. No drilling required.
  • Fitment: 2002-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 - Only Fits 6'4" Bed; 2003-2009 Dodge Ram 2500 - Only Fits 6'4" Bed; 2003-2009 Dodge Ram 3500 - Only Fits 6'4" Bed.
  • The caps protect bed rails against damage while giving the vehicle a finished factory look.
  • Fits 2007-2013 GMC Sierra trucks with factory short bed measuring 69.3" (5.8').
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA - No Hassle Lifetime Guarantee
  • Removable stake-hole covers allow you to easily install a rack or containment wall when you want one and give a sleek look when you don’t
  • Heavy duty ladder rack has a strudy construction with mill finished.
  • Easy to install,package includes 1 set universal heavy duty truck topper ladder rack.
  • Truck topper ladder rack fits for any aluminum truck cap/topper.It can be cut down to fit smaller truck caps of needs.
  • Easy installation using 3M mounting tape
  • Protect your trucks bed rails against damage while giving the vehicle a finished factory look
  • Bed Caps protect bed rails against damage while giving the vehicle a finished factory look
  • 2 piece set with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Protect your trucks bed rails against damage while giving the vehicle a finished factory look
  • Easy installation using 3M mounting tape
  • 2 piece set with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Bed Caps protect bed rails against damage while giving the vehicle a finished factory look
  • Smooth finish design without stake holes is durable and stylish

Which Way Should You Follow To Achieve Lightweight truck cap Of 2022?

Today, our article intends to introduce and describe to you the Lightweight truck cap, which can be found easily on e-commerce websites these days. Nevertheless, it might take lots of time to get the best item for purchase. As a result, we're always here to help you with your problem.

Before making a purchase, Lightweight truck cap should be thoroughly researched. The following are some common questions you may raise. After being evaluated and confirmed to be effective, the most beneficial ones were picked.

  • Why are you advised to invest in this product?
  • Are there any benefits from this product?
  • Where is a reliable place for you to ask for support?
  • What is the most popular one among these products listed here?
  • How should you get to the point of buying a guide?

This article includes carefully and accurately checked and selected information about products through AI and Big Data. The goal is to create an accurate and objective set of information for you guys to count on.

Items on this list have undergone extensive testing and approval by experts. Your task is to consider the following factors:


Truck caps that are top-of-the-line will come with a lifetime guarantee. Some manufacturers may not offer this incentive. Consider purchasing a truck cap with a lifetime warranty if you plan to use your product for many years. Truck caps that do not come with lifetime warranties might not last as long as those of higher quality.


If truck caps don't match your vehicle they will be ineffective. Not only is the width and length important, but so too are the height. Truck caps that are large enough to fit in your truck bed allow for more transport.

Off-Truck Storage

It is crucial to properly store your truck cap when you take it off. Tonneau covers and soft caps often roll out of sight and can be kept in an outdoor shed or garage. To store your truck caps, it might be worth considering building or buying a wooden pallet or base.


Truck caps can be fitted with side or rear windows. Windows in your truck caps can allow for easier access, particularly if your truck is being used for business or work. Windows make it easy to access the truck bed and are great for your pets.

Roof Rack Installation

Consider whether you would like your truck cap with roof rails installed already or if you wish to install them yourself. It is easier to have them installed prior to you put the truck cap on.


You may be interested in the different types of lining that you are able to install, depending on what type of truck cap is chosen. If you plan on using the truck as an apartment or have pets, soft liners and insulation will be ideal. If you have a lot to transport, heavy-duty liners may be able to help.

Durable Materials

Truck caps, whether hardened or softened, should be constructed of tough materials that can withstand outdoor abuse. They should be machine washable, using a pressure washer as well as an automatic car wash. Truck caps that are durable and won't easily tear or rip will be the best.


A truck cap should be waterproofed as protection from the elements is one of the main reasons you buy it. To create weatherproof bonds, the cap should not only be sealed but should attach to truck bed rails. The best truck caps will prevent moisture from getting in your truck bed.


Two ways must truck caps be secured: they should secure your valuables and clamp securely to your truck bed. Side windows on truck caps are made so that the windows cannot be opened inside of the bed. To create an environment of security, however, back windows should be fitted with matching keys and a locking mechanism. To keep your truck cap in place, the best ones use heavy-duty clamps.


1. How Heavy Are Truck Caps?

The majority of truck caps are between 20 to 200 pounds. Some truck caps can be heavier or lighter depending on what materials they are made from. We recommend choosing a soft-top over a hardtop for those who are concerned about weight. The softer material is likely to be lighter than the hardcap.

2. Do You Need Special Tool To Attach The Truck Cap To The Bed?

Not necessarily. You should be able lift the truck cap up to the height of the cab and you will probably be able install it quite easily. All tools required by most manufacturers are included.

3. How Long Do Truck Caps Typically Last?

A variety of factors affect the life expectancy of truck caps, such as frequency of use and climate. The average truck cap should last for five years, depending on the material you use and how it is treated.

4. Do They Make A Universal Truck Cap?

They don't. A truck cap for a Toyota Tacoma may not fit another Chevy Silverado, or a new truck. Make sure you know what the dimensions are of your truck bed before ordering.

5. Is Every Truck Cap Lockable?

No. No. Hard truck caps often have a rear door that acts as a lock mechanism. Most truck caps have a T-handle lock, with a hidden lock underneath the rubber exterior coating.

6. What's The Most Secure Type Of Truck Cap?

It doesn't necessarily mean that one type is the best. The most secure lock should be locked at all times.

7. Can You Easily Remove Truck Toppers?

It depends on which type of truck cap is chosen. Most of the products in our buying guide can be installed and removed easily. Sometimes, however, truck caps that are heavier can be more difficult to take off. For emergencies, always have an extra hand.

8. How Do Truck Caps Attach To The Truck Bed?

Clamps are the most common way truck caps can be attached to the truck bed. The clamps are placed under the truck bed rails and the cap's lip. You may need to drill holes into your truck bed depending on which type of truck cap is chosen. For installation, the best truck caps do not require drilling.


Please make sure that you read this article carefully to pick your ideal products. Furthermore, please visit our website frequently or subscribe our newsletter to catch up with any new updates.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. Also, if you have any questions or difficulties about the product, don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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