Fiberglass Cover For Truck Bed Of 2022 - Buying Guides & FAQs

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FREEMOTOR802 Compatible with 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 6.5Ft Bed Only Tonneau Cover
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We have found that most customers are keen on the Fiberglass cover for truck bed, which is the most searched in July 2022, based on 2,717 consumer reviews on popular selling websites. You've come to the correct spot if you're seeking more information about big-name manufacturers like Freemotor802, Autostarland, Ikon motorsports, Pickupzone, Kikito.

Our Top Picks

  • 【Tightness and Waterproof Resistance】The hard folding truck bed cover have ultra-tough panels to protect your cargo and truck. One-piece waterproof rubber strip, with good integrity and aesthetics, and greatly improved sealing and waterproof properties, and it is not easy to age and fall off, than EVA material more durable. Even on extreme weather, you don’t have to worry at all, it greatly protects your goods and truck.
  • 【Easy to Install】The tonneu cover is easy to install. No drilling need. Simply fold from front and back, then lift up and off to gain full use of truck bed, the whole cover comes completely put together. The installation process only takes a few minutes. What's more, we also provide the installation instruction and mounting hardware.
  • 【High Quality Fiberglass】The tonneu cover is 100% brand new and made of fiberglass and PP Honeycomb, Hardness of FRP ≧ 30HBa, Compressive Strength of PP Honeycomb ≧ 1.4MPa, can withstand 2 tons, which is more scratch resistant and stronger than aluminum alloy. In additional, matte black color matching makes the product appearance more beautiful, better than bright light.And obtained the US Design Patented.
  • Instructions NOT included, Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.
  • 30 Days Limited Warranty
  • Fit For 1988-2002 Chevrolet/GMC C1500/C2500/C3500/K1500/K2500/K3500 With 6.5' (78") Fleetside Bed (Not Fit Stepside Bed)
  • 30 Days Limited Warranty
  • Package includes: 1x Tonneau Cover with Installation Hardwares
  • Material: FRP - Fiberglass | Color: Black
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Required no drilling.The directions are simple to follow, easy to install with one person. Super easy to adjust and operate. Simply fold from front and back, then lift up and off to gain full use of truck bed, the whole cover comes completely put together.
  • WATERPROOF RESISTANCE: The cover has a weather strip installed all the way around so it will not scratch your truck and has a good seal. The hard folding truck bed cover has the rigid rear seal, which actually stands up much better than the soft one from the other designs.
  • FIBERGLASS MATERIAL: PICKUPZONE tonneau cover is made of fiberglass and PP Honeycomb, hardness of FRP ≧ 30HBa, Compressive Strength of PP Honeycomb ≧ 1.4MPa, can withstand 2 tons, which is more scratch resistant and stronger than aluminum alloy.
  • ✅ 【 Long-lasting Performance 】 - Durable Strong Shaft Structure: Enables at least 3000 times of opening and closing without failure. Stainless Steel Hardware: Not easy to rust, tighten the tonneau cover firmly without deformation. Waterproof Sealing Strip: No EVA material, super waterproof and windproof ability, not easy to break.
  • ✅ 【 Vehicle Specific for Precise Fitment 】 - Fit For 04-14 Ford F150 5.5Ft Bed 06-14 Lincoln Mark LT ; NOT For Models With Factory Utility Track Sys. & Roll Bar. ***Please carefully check the compatibility information and make sure your truck model & bed size is correct for this tonneau cover before purchase.
  • ✅ 【 Selected High Grade Material 】 - FRP Surface Panel + PP Honeycomb Core + Aluminum Rails/Frame: Brings a strong load bearing structure while reducing weight; Scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, impact resistant, heat resistant, ultraviolet resistant; Provides effective protection from rain, snow, dust, and theft, keeps your truck bed & luggage dry and secure during all seasons.
  • Fit For 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra With 6.5' Fleetside/Styleside Bed
  • 30 Days Limited Warranty
  • Instructions NOT included, Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.
  • Easy install, No drilling need. Simply fold from front and back, then lift up and off to gain full use of truck bed. Lightweight design permits easy removal and reinstall.
  • Fitment:2015-2021 F-150 (5.5'/67.1"; NOT For Models With Factory Utility Track Sys. & Roll Bar) - PLEASE VERIFY YOUR BED LENGTH BEFORE ORDERING
  • Professional FRP panels and internal honeycomb structure support,Resist the impact of heavy objects,Protect your cargo from the elements & theft.

What Methods And Things For You To Consider When Purchasing On Fiberglass cover for truck bed?

Fiberglass cover for truck bed is a product type that many customers feel hesitant to select because of the challenges in evaluating its features. It comes to trust! When studying a significant purchase, many factors must be considered. Our Fiberglass cover for truck bed knowledge will help you make an ideal decision.

Our article here will highlight some outstanding items and provide solutions to FAQs and guides to buying. Firstly, you should look at some questions that are common concerns of buyers:

  • What is the best model of this product on the market now?
  • Does this product value?
  • How could you pick the best one among the various products?
  • What is the upside of this product?
  • Where is it available for you to get assistance with product-related problems?

Currently, the keyword has become one of the most kinds of products searched the most by customers. It tends to be more straightforward thanks to the availability of information sources on the Internet such as sale websites, consulting forums, or valuable sources like your relative’s experience. 

With the significant support from the sources above, you need to keep in mind some main criteria of Fiberglass cover for truck bed below:


Tonneau cover has different price tags. The price tag varies from one brand to the next. The hard tonneau covers are more expensive than the softcover. It is possible to choose the right tonneau coverage within your budget. This does not necessarily mean that you should choose the most expensive. A good quality tonneau cover demands a high price. You can settle for a moderately priced tonneau cover that is compatible with your financial budget.

Waterproof Cover

You can protect your products by using waterproof tonneau covers. This cover is resistant to rainwater. It is important to consider this when purchasing a tonneau covers.

Purpose To Buy

It is important to first determine the purpose and types of tonneau covers. Different types of tonneau covers can be used for different purposes. You can use a tonneau cover made of hard material with an appropriate lock system if you are carrying valuable items.
This provides better protection from weather and theft. You can also choose a soft and elegant tonneau covering if your truck is looking attractive. You can enhance your pickup truck's exterior appearance with these types of tonneau cover.

Easy To Clean

You should think about how easy it is to clean a tonneau covering before you buy one. Some tonneau covers design can accumulate heavy dirt. It is difficult to wash a cover completely. You might choose a tonneau cover that is easy to clean and takes very little time. You can also use it easily.


The most crucial aspect of buying a cover for a tonneau is compatibility. The truck's size is the main factor. You should ensure that the tonneau cover you choose is compatible with your truck bed when you shop for one.
A cover may fit one vehicle but not another. You may be able to get a high-quality cover but it will not fit your truck perfectly if you don't have compatibility. Compatibility issues when buying tonneau covers can help you choose the best cover for your truck bed.

Climate Adaptability

The climate will determine which tonneau covers you choose for your truck bed. You can either choose to use a metal or softcover in dry conditions. In a humid climate you could use a plastic or fiberglass tonneau cover.

Easy To Install

It is important to know how to install a truck bed tonneau covering. Larger and heavier covers can be more challenging to install. This cover may require more than one person for installation on your truck bed.
You can also choose fold-up or simple covers for easy installation. They can be installed by yourself with no assistance from anyone.

Cover Material Type

Tonneau cover material type depends on your needs. You can opt for a fiberglass or plastic cover if you require more protection to your truck bed. These covers are more durable and can be weatherproof. Although the aluminum tonneau covers are tougher, they can be easily torn.
A soft vinyl tonneau covers are a great option if you want a fashionable cover. You can also clean and install it easily.

Service Warranty

A service warranty is an option when purchasing a tonneau-cover. You may be offered a service warranty or a lifetime guarantee by some brands. This will provide longer-lasting satisfaction. Don't forget to check the warranty.


1. Do Tonneau Covers Deter Theft?

Tonneau covers protect a truck bed's cargo and act as a deterrent. Most people rely on the tailgate being locked so that no one can access your cargo. The release latches can be found under the cover at the tailgate.
Because soft covers can be opened with sharp tools, they are more susceptible to theft than hardcovers. Velcro, or any other hook-and loop fastener such as roll up covers can be easily separated from the sides so that someone is able to see inside.

2. Do Tonneau Covers Keep Water Out?

Tonneau covers can block water, but it is important to ensure that you only purchase covers that are waterproof and not water-resistant. The best protection is provided by hardcovers. These covers can be custom-fitted to seal your pickup from outside elements.

3. How Long Does It Take To Install A Tonneau Cover?

This depends on what type of cover you choose. There are some that are complicated and take a lot of time to set up, and others that are easy to attach to the truck bed. It takes on average 30-60 minutes to install a truck bed cover.

4. Can I Carry Items On Top Of The Cover?

Most cases no. Although some hardcovers can support a lot of weight, most cannot hold heavy objects without damaging the structural integrity.

5. Can I Use The Full Bed When A Tonneau Cover Is Attached?

It depends on what cover you have. Retractable and roll-up tonneaus both allow for full bed access. Tri-folds cover most of the front end of the bed, so they must be taken out to allow full access.

6. Do Tonneau Covers Improve Fuel Economy?

It is hotly contested, and there are advocates for both sides. The cover you choose, your truck speed, and how much fuel economy it has will all have an impact on your fuel economy. If your primary reason for buying a tonneau is to get better fuel economy, you should not. Any real improvements will require many years before the cost of the cover can be offset.

7. Is A Soft Or Hard Tonneau Covers Better?

It all depends on what you like and need. A soft cover can be the right choice for truck owners. This is especially true if your cover doesn't have to stay on the vehicle permanently. A hard cover is more durable and secure, making it a good choice for many.

8. Can I Install A Tonneau Cover By Myself?

You can. You don't need any special skills to cover truck bed. To help you, they also include instructions manuals. If you are unsure what to do, or get stuck in the middle of an installation, it is possible to ask for assistance.

9. Is A Hard Tonneau Cover Worth It?

A hard tonneau is best if you need maximum protection and can carry light loads.


In short, the list of Fiberglass cover for truck bed would be updated when the data is upgraded and available. Please visit our website frequently to get the latest updates.

Our staff team is always available and ready to support you with your complex problems. Try to contact us as soon as possible whenever your product obstacles come up. Feel free for that!

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