Below are some questions that were asked about the H2 Refuel H-Prize competition. Questions leading up to the design submissions have been archived.

Q: What does the finalist have to do to win the $1 million prize?
A: To win the $1 million prize, the finalist needs demonstrate that their system meets all the H2 Refuel H-Prize scoring criteria simultaneously. Testing started in September 2016, and a total of 60 days of data collection is required. The data for the technical criteria (dispensing pressure, dispensing time, number of standard fills per day, and tested availability) is being collected using a Data Collection System and will be analyzed when the collection period ends. Financial experts are collecting and evaluating the information necessary to determine the scores for the cost criteria (total installed system cost, direct user cost per kg).

Q: Who are the finalists?
A: Team SimpleFuel was selected as the finalist for the testing phase – see HEF’s article or read DOE’s announcement.

Q: When did the testing phase start? What is the deadline for the testing phase?
A: The testing phase started in September 2016. During the testing phase the finalist system will be remotely monitored and tested, and approximately 2 to 3 months of data will be collected. The deadline for the testing phase is the fall of 2016.

Q: What are the safety codes and standards that need to be implemented at the installation site?
A: Safety is a high priority for the H-Prize. The finalist must meet the safety codes and standards in effect at the installation location. A safety page on the H-Prize website provides updated information on safety issues and requirements for the safety plan and hazard analysis. The finalist is encouraged to consider the relevant SAE, ASME and NFPA codes and standards.

Q: Where is SimpleFuel’s system being demonstrated?
A: The system was constructed at the PDC Machines facility in Warminster, PA.

Q: Will the public and press have a chance to look at the system?
A: Yes, the guidelines require an “Open House,” at which time the public has an opportunity to see the system.  The Finalist is planning to hold the Open House during the fall. When the date is announced it will be listed here.

Q: How can I get more information on the finalist team’s system?
A: Updates on the system and the SimpleFuel team will be made available over the course of the year through the HEF H-Prize website as well as the team’s own website and twitter account @teamsimplefuel.

Q: Does the H-Prize pay for the system construction?
A: The H-Prize will only be awarded if an entry wins. The finalist team is responsible for the costs associated with building, installing and operating their system.

Q: When will the outcome of the competition be announced?
A: HEF and DOE plan to announce the outcome of the $1 Million competition in early 2017.

Q: Will the finalist team have an opportunity to improve its system if it doesn’t meet the technical and cost criteria to win the $1 million prize?
A: No, the entry must meet the criteria targets during the testing period. If the criteria as detailed in the guidelines are not met, the prize will not be awarded.